From administration to research Vaata is filled with young minds. Innovation is the elixir of life in Vaata. We ensure work-life balance and place individual development and happiness a strategic priority to offer a job that’s more than just rewarding, it’s satisfying.

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We, at Vaata recognize that what is good enough to mankind today, may not be good enough for tomorrow. We focus and answer tomorrow’s concerns and this reflects on our people. We question accepted wisdom, discover challenges and innovate ways which others may not have even thought of. Join the revolution today, to transform yourself, for tomorrow.



We believe that development of company is proportionate to individual progress. We are permeable to cross functional development and switching between business domains. Training becomes integral for employees to deliver in line with requirements. Versatile training is imparted to employees in their areas of desire and expertise. Enhancement of knowledge doesn’t happen just by training, it’s our culture that triggers wisdom enrichment. Knowledge acquisition is partly due to the high quality research conducted here, but largely in the manner wisdom is exchanged, shared across teams and hierarchies.



There is no limit to learning, no limit to knowledge and no limit to achievement at Vaata. Vaata’s presence in diverse business segments from manufacturing to property management presents a plethora of opportunities to its fellow men. Vaata inspires its people to go just beyond their responsibilities towards overall development. Choice of business domain to serve, role in line with skills push individuals to trod on a growth trajectory delights and attracts people to us.

The process indeed is a ripple. We aim to bring the best of you, analyse your potential, train in areas of interest & expertise, examine and position better. Performance never goes unnoticed at Vaata.