Research and Development at Vaata

Vaata’s research and development division, headed by Mr. V R Raghunathan, is a team of dedicated, highly skilled and experienced professionals to develop sustainable and commercially viable products and solutions.

Core Values

Our team is composed of individuals who are smart, energetic, dynamic, and self-motivated achievers. We believe in the value of teamwork and prove it every day by synchronizing efforts towards common goals. Failure is never a roadblock – our perseverance takes us to the goal. As befits proactive problem solvers, we don't just ideate but also work hard to achieve concrete results.

Knowledge and skills are being applied to harness renewable energy efficiently for a cleaner and greener world. We possess an excellent track record on focused research aimed at developing new products and processes and improving existing ones across various sectors.


The team’s intellectual rigor and desire to stay ahead of the learning curve motivates to use the latest technologies to come up with out-of-the-box solutions. For instance, capabilities in miniaturization and integration of power electronic circuits bring about improvements in efficiency and energy utilization of existing systems. This technical know-how bolsters designing future-proof systems that represent a paradigm shift. Deep insights on advanced semi-conductor technology and embedded control systems enables designing devices and components. Proficiency in the fields of composite materials technology and mechanical structural design effects in optimizing product value. Quality, customization, practicality and eco-friendliness are built into research solutions as a result of their technical strengths in diverse fields.

The Vaata Difference

Vaata group recognizes and rewards the unique abilities of these individuals by encouraging us at every step of the way. The work atmosphere sparks the team’s latent creativity and provides continuous learning opportunities across hierarchies and divisions. We identify the individuals who would benefit from advanced courses at premier institutes like IIT and sponsor their participation to keep us updated on the latest technology for their career development.

Exposure to “end-to-end” activities in developing a product further enhances confidence and skill set. The open and transparent work culture helps us develop the patience and maturity to learn from failures and apply this knowledge fruitfully.