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Vaata’s Story

Vaata Smart Ltd is an Indian company, incorporated in 2007, with a focus on Renewable Energy.

At Vaata, we are working towards innovative, affordable, clean and sustainable solution passionately aiming to offer the most essential need - “Green Renewable Energy” for the common man.

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Our Vision

“To make a difference in the lives of common people through effective utilization of science and technology.”

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Our Mission

“To provide, research & develop a reliable, cost - effective solution pertaining to the reduction of cost from conventional energy sources and enable the common man to use wind energy for his electricity needs and economic growth.”

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Abstract of NIWE Report

Smart VAWT has been tested and approved by NIWE for power performance, functioning and Safety.

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Vaata Smart Limited - Partnership with Central Electronics Limited (CEL)

Vaata Smart Limited has been engaged the first authorized Value Added Reseller (VAR-II) of Central Electronics Limited (CEL) for providing wind - solar hybrid system solution.


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