Vaata completes the infill project of 5 Smart VAWTs at Ayyanaruthu.

Vaata Smart Limited completes the Infill project among bigger wind turbines at Ayyanaruthu wind farm.

Take a look at the turbines being erected!

Wind farms have huge empty space between two wind turbines. These turbines are located in Class A wind sites ideal for in-filling small wind turbine between them.

One of the exciting applications of our turbine is in-filling it at a lower hub height compared to the existing larger HAWTs enhancing the efficiency of the Larger Turbines. Smart is an ideal solution for capacity addition, better efficiency and generation from the existing wind farms with no additional investments on electrical infrastructure and land.

Myth Vs Reality Check:

Myth 1: 

'Renewable Energy is Too Expensive'

Reality Check: 

Currently, Renewable energy is the cheapest form of energy available. 

The cost of energy from coal is forecast to rise while the energy generated from renewables is declining.

The 5.5 kW Smart Small Wind Turbine


Presently setting up a wind farm to harvest energy from wind requires huge capital investment, this has led to a situation where only large players operate and benefit from technological advancements in this sector.

Vaata has developed a wind turbine that is low-cost, sustainable and a reliable source of energy; one that will be a meaningful advancement in the wind energy sector and will be able to touch millions of lives.

SMART has been designed with the common man at the center of the design process.

Affordable green energy for everyone.

What makes small wind turbines great for consumers is the incremental way in which they can implement the technology. Unlike large wind turbines, consumers can start small, realize savings, and then install more wind turbines.

SMART works effectively for everyone who has access to good wind. Farmers, Industrialists, homeowners, existing wind farm owners, all of these consumers can use our wind turbine.

Vaata Smart Limited offers Solar- Wind Hybrid solutions as a value added reseller of CEL.

We at Vaata Smart Limited are proud to announce our partnership with Central Electronics Limited (CEL), Government of India owned Public Sector Undertaking in Sahibabad, UP as their authorized Value Added Reseller (VAR-II) for providing wind - solar hybrid system solutions.

CEL post-1.jpg

Central Electronics Limited is promoting and expanding the business in the field of Solar Photovoltaic (SPV) Panels and also Solar Wind hybrid solutions. By Collaborating with CEL, Vaata Smart Limited will be able to offer Innovative solutions to its customers as a Value Added Reseller of Solar Components along with its SMART Wind Turbines.