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SMART can be installed between bigger windmills, increasing the generation of existing wind farms with no additional investments on electrical infrastructure or land. In this particular application, it has been scientifically concluded that Vertical Axis Wind Turbines increase the efficiency of surrounding large horizontal axis wind turbines by 10%, thereby the overall wind farm productivity by 32% ! 

Advantages of Infilling

  • Site viability already tested and proved. 
  • Infilling does not require additional land. 
  • Infilling does not require additional electrical infrastructure. 

Wind farms have huge empty space between two wind turbine due to the wake effect. This effect reduces turbine efficiency.

This huge land can be used effectively to place small wind turbines (SMT). 

SOURCE : http://www.engineering.auckland.ac.nz/en/about/our-research/energy-research/wind-farm-performance.html

SOURCE: http://www.engineering.auckland.ac.nz/en/about/our-research/energy-research/wind-farm-performance.html