Affordable, Reliable and Durable!

At Vaata SMART Ltd we aim to provide highly reliable and efficient wind data logger at an affordable cost. 

What is Anemometer?

An Anemometer is a device used to measure the speed of wind, and is also a common weather station instrument.

Revolving-cup electric anemometer is commonly in use, in which the revolving cups drive an electric generator. The output of the generator operates an electric meter that is calibrated to measure wind speed. 

Advantages and highlights of VAATA-WIND DATA LOGGER:

  • VAATA wind data logger is designed for collecting wind data from any intended locations.
  •  It can be fixed easily and collected data remotely. 
  • Can collect data through SD card, and transmit through Wi-Fi / GPRS.
  • Costs significantly lower than alternatives in market.


  • Wind turbine industry.
  • Wind resource assessment related companies.
  • Govt/private Meteorological departments.  
  • Chemical industries.
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