Vaata designed- Variable frequency drive

Simple, Exact and Dependable!

Vaata SMART Ltd. has been specializing in Researching and Manufacturing Variable frequency drives. Our R&D team continuously update our products with the latest developments that can be implemented to make better VFDs. 

What is Variable frequency drive?

An Adjustable speed drive that controls the AC motor speed and torque by varying input frequency and voltage.

A Variable Frequency Drive is like the throttle on a car

  • It adjusts the speed of an HVAC fan or pump motor, based on demand, to save energy and prolong motor and mechanical component life.

  • Without a VFD, an HVAC fan or pump motor is either 100% ‘on’ or 100% ‘off’.

  • A VFD eliminates the initial power surge and mechanical shock of switching the motor from ‘off’ to 100% ‘on’.

  • A VFD conserves energy when an HVAC control systems senses that a fan or pump motor can meet heating or cooling needs by running at less than 100% power.

Advantages and highlights of Vaata’s Variable frequency drive:

  • Better process control and Reliability

  • Greater effectiveness.

  • Smooth begin and stop.

  • Energy Efficiency

  • More advanced

  • Reduced Component Degradation.

  • Reduced starting current.


Of the several applications around the world, here are a few:

  • Duplex pumps

  • Swimming pool filtration system

  • Booster pumps

  • Pumps, motors in Pharmaceutical industry that needs varying prolong operation e.g mixing

  • Compressor in oil, gas industry

  • Refrigerator compressor

  • Centrifugal pumps

  • Air volume systems

  • Solar panel Tracking Application.

  • Solar Water Pump

  • Lift/elevators

  • Hoists

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